Sun, tapas and weird milk.

Hello guys! I finally landed in Spain the day before yesterday and it’s been hectic ever since. I’ve been running errands with my grandparents, been eating lots, been to the city for some shopping and walked a ton of kilometers. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s a bit colder than I imagined so I had to rush out and buy a coat. We also had some trouble buying milk because they don’t have normal milk in Spain? I got some super weird almond milk (which is pretty alright in my coffee) because I didn’t trust the milk that was not even refrigerated to be real milk even though there was a cow on the box.


This was the view about 15 minutes before landing, stunning mountains! Today we’ll be heading into Malaga for some sightseeing and food. I’ll make sure to bring my camera so I can blog about it later. My phone is acting up with all the sunlight and the pictures are a-w-f-u-l.

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