6 things I find weird about Spain as a tourist from Finland

6 weird things about spain.png

1. Oil on bread. Butter is not the go to option here in Spain for putting on bread, it’s olive oil.

2. Siesta. The stores and restaurants will close down a few hours every day for siesta. A bit unconvienent for me, who would like to shop and eat during those hours.

3. The traffic. If you don’t know what to do in a roundabout with more than one lane don’t bother driving. Parking is always tricky, being able to parallel park perfectly and fitting into small parking spots is a must.

4. Dinner time. Dinner in Spain is much later than in Finland. Finnish people like eating dinner at 4pm-7pm. Spanish people like eating dinner at 10 pm-11 pm.


5. Paying for bread. You might be eating out and the friendly waiter brings you bread. YOU MUST PAY FOR THE BREAD EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T ORDER IT!!! Even if you don’t eat it, you will find it added to your bill. The bread won’t be very expensive, just a few euros, so it’s not a big deal but something to keep in mind when eating out.

6. Where is the milk? Why is there no fresh milk? The only milk I’ve been able to find is stored in room tempature and has a shelf life of 428482834 years.

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