How to spend a winterday in Stockholm!


Stockholm is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, even during winter! Be aware that Stockholm is going to be cold during winter. Do make sure to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes, Stockholm is a great city for walking in and public transportation is pricey.


If there is one thing you can’t miss during your Stockholm visit, it’s the old town. The old town is stunning with colorful houses and picturesque allies. Make sure to see the castle while you’re there! Also check out the Nobel Museum which is situated in the old town.


Stockholm during winter means ICE SKATING!!! In Kungsträdgården there is a beautiful rink where you can skate under the lights and surrounded by cute houses. If it happens to snow it’s like taken out of a fairytale. The rink is open daily during the winter and you can even rent skates!


Make sure to make a million stops to cozy cafés to warm up from all the walking outside! Sadly most of the local cafés were packed so we opted for a Starbucks.

pexels-photo-132776.jpegLast but not least, make sure to do some shopping! Stockholm has a huge variety of shops and there is something for everyone. You’ll find everything from high end Scandinavian design to thrift shops.

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