first few days in Germany

A few days ago I finally arrived here in Germany. The trip was pretty long, or at least longer than it needed to be but I’m all about chasing those cheap flights! I’m pretty busy doing orentation right now, I would like to say doing an exchange to the U.S.A a few years ago was easier. Almost all the forms are in German and it’s a bit of a struggle.

Another thing that has been a struggle is internet. Free open wifis don’t exist at every cafe and getting an unlimited surfplan for your phone is not a thing. I finally found a prepaid card that give’s me 1,5 gb data for 10 euros. Which to me is nothing, but it will be enough to power my Whatsapp and Messenger when I’m on the go.

So far I’ve tried to explore the city as much as possible. The buildings in the older part of the city are super pretty! I’ve been to a local market where we tasted some sausage (not me because I’m vegeterian) and something that looked just like mac and cheese with onions on top, which was delicious! We also enjoyed some cheeses, which was nice because I love cheese.


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