A few weeks back we did a trip to Budapest. We decided to get the flixbus from Munich even though the travel time was almost 9 hours! Luckily we slept for most part of the journey so it was alright. I honestly don’t think I could have done that journey during the daytime. We stayed at an Air bnb right in the city center and it was super nice and ended up being cheaper than staying in a hostel! I’ll share some pictures from Budapest with you guys and if you want to read about our daytrip to Tihany I will be writing about it in a few days so hold tight!

IMG_0929.JPGBreakfast was probably the best thing in Budapest. I like breakfast and I like fresh (and affordable) food. IMG_0936img_0941.jpgWe explored our neighborhood a little bit. Budapest was very clean and not too crowded. I really liked walking around on foot. IMG_0997St. Stephens Basilica was however pretty crowded in my Finnish opinion.

IMG_0971Then we crossed the river and walked up the palace.IMG_0981IMG_0987The view was great even though we were tired and thirsty. There is also an option to take a cable car to the top but we decided just to walk.IMG_1047.JPGSome cute buildings, there were trees everywhere and the buildings were charming!IMG_1044IMG_1045We visited the market hall which was pretty cool. You could buy a bunch of typical Hungarian food but the lines were waaaaaay to long and the reviews in tripadvisor not so great so we decided to go somewhere else to eat.

IMG_1058IMG_1061We decided to get some Langos from another street food place that was just a short 2 km walk away! The langos were amazingly good, the first few bites and then I was upset with the taste. I think it was the sourcream-cheese-onion combo that wasn’t working for me and I wish I had gotten the Nutella one instead. All my friends liked it though and I did enjoy the first few bites, so I definitely recommend trying it!

IMG_1085IMG_1069We also visited the Parliment which had a beautiful garden.


IMG_1037I really enjoyed our trip to Budapest, it was intense and we saw a lot of things! A must see city if you are in Europe and its so affordable to there really is no excuse to skip it.

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