Long time no see

Hey guys! I am home from my exchange in Germany and I have so many things I want to blog about! Especially all the amazing trips I’ve been on. Two things have stopped me from doing this though, the first one being the absolute worst internet in the world. It has been impossible to upload pictures here, just updating my instagram has been a PAIN and engaging on other peoples posts has been a struggle.

The other reason I haven’t been able to be active is because someone broke into my dormroom and stole my laptop (and a bunch of other things like my wallet with all my creditcards and ids….). Yup! That was a lovely surprise and it really ruined my german experience, that wasn’t that great from before either.

I am back in Finland now trying to fix this disaster. I am most upset about my bachelor thesis that was on the computer. Oh well, you live and you learn and I definetly learned to backup my things more often…

I do bring some good things from my exchange, like my 3 best friends! Although they all went home to France and Korea so I didn’t bring them with me… just the memories. 😉

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