My name is Isa and I’m from the fabulous country Finland, where I also live at the moment. I’m in my third year of studying tourism at Novia University of Applied Sciences, hopefully I’ll be graduating in December 2017.

Spring 2017 I’m planning on doing a semester abroad in Germany so I’m sure you guys will be able to read more about it on my blog. Besides studying, working, playing LoL and hanging out with my friends I love traveling.

For me traveling is a hobby, just like other people go to the gym or like to cook. I decided to  start this blog on the side of my Instagram account. I do like to share texts and inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and visit new places. Because I am a poor girl in college I can’t live the jetset life, obviously! Therefor there will be a couple of posts about my daily life thrown into the mix.