Neuschwanstein Castle – just like a fairytale!

Saturday we had an amazing opportunity to visit the shloss Neuschwanstein with all the exchangestudents at Kempten UAS. I didn’t have that much knowledge of the castle before we went, so I was literally blown away by it. Lucky for us we had our own bus so we didn’t have to worry about getting there, I did hear it should be possible by normal bus as well bu I’m not sure about the timetables. We also didn’t have to worry about getting tickets, because they were prebooked for our group. LUCKY US!!!

The walk up to the castle took about 25 minutes and I didn’t find it very hard at all. I did hear a lot of other tourists complaining about the walk, and we passed a lot of tourist on our way up so I guess if you’re not fit it might be a bit more challenging. There are horse drawn carriages you can also take up if you feel like it!

Another pic of the Neuschwanstein castle. ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŒŒ

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We did the tour and it was absolutely ย worth it, you were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. My favorites were the thrown room, the king’s bedroom and the cave! The tour took around half an hour and after the tour we decided to head towards the bridge.ย The bridge was also were we got the amazing shots looking towards the castle! If you have a fear of heights don’t go to the bridge. The bridge made my stomach do a cartwheel just looking down!




first few days in Germany

A few days ago I finally arrived here in Germany. The trip was pretty long, or at least longer than it needed to be but I’m all about chasing those cheap flights! I’m pretty busy doing orentation right now, I would like to say doing an exchange to the U.S.A a few years ago was easier. Almost all the forms are in German and it’s a bit of a struggle.

Another thing that has been a struggle is internet. Free open wifis don’t exist at every cafe and getting an unlimited surfplan for your phone is not a thing. I finally found a prepaid card that give’s me 1,5 gb data for 10 euros. Which to me is nothing, but it will be enough to power my Whatsapp and Messenger when I’m on the go.

So far I’ve tried to explore the city as much as possible. The buildings in the older part of the city are super pretty! I’ve been to a local market where we tasted some sausage (not me because I’m vegeterian) and something that looked just like mac and cheese with onions on top, which was delicious! We also enjoyed some cheeses, which was nice because I love cheese.


Tomorrow is the day!

How crazy isn’t this? I’ll be flying Turku-Stockholm-Oslo-Munich and from there take the train to Kempten! There isn’t any wifi where I live but I will drag my laptop to a cafe and blog all about what’s happening!

Less than a month left until my Erasmus exchange!



My Erasmus exchange is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!!! Crazy! I thought I’d share where I am in the process right now with you guys. Going on an exchange is way harder than just getting on a plane and going.

So far I have done the following:

  • Applied in my home university for the exchange.
  • Applied to Kempten UAS.
  • Done a language assessment test.
  • Done a bunch of “GoAbroad” assignments: essays, powerpoints and budgets…
  • Applied for housing inย Kempten
  • Had a huge headache thinking about courses to take, how to get money and everything else in my school and daily life that will be put on hold during my exchange. <— this has been the hardest so far. It sucks having a nice apartment, less than a year left of your studies and a job and just getting up and leaving. It’s a huge inconvenience but I know I won’t regretย it.

And I still have to:

  • Book plane tickets.
  • Check up my scholarship
  • Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • …..write about 10 pages on my thesis and a bunch of assignments for school.