A few weeks back we did a trip to Budapest. We decided to get the flixbus from Munich even though the travel time was almost 9 hours! Luckily we slept for most part of the journey so it was alright. I honestly don’t think I could have done that journey during the daytime. We stayed at an Air bnb right in the city center and it was super nice and ended up being cheaper than staying in a hostel! I’ll share some pictures from Budapest with you guys and if you want to read about our daytrip to Tihany I will be writing about it in a few days so hold tight!

IMG_0929.JPGBreakfast was probably the best thing in Budapest. I like breakfast and I like fresh (and affordable) food. IMG_0936img_0941.jpgWe explored our neighborhood a little bit. Budapest was very clean and not too crowded. I really liked walking around on foot. IMG_0997St. Stephens Basilica was however pretty crowded in my Finnish opinion.

IMG_0971Then we crossed the river and walked up the palace.IMG_0981IMG_0987The view was great even though we were tired and thirsty. There is also an option to take a cable car to the top but we decided just to walk.IMG_1047.JPGSome cute buildings, there were trees everywhere and the buildings were charming!IMG_1044IMG_1045We visited the market hall which was pretty cool. You could buy a bunch of typical Hungarian food but the lines were waaaaaay to long and the reviews in tripadvisor not so great so we decided to go somewhere else to eat.

IMG_1058IMG_1061We decided to get some Langos from another street food place that was just a short 2 km walk away! The langos were amazingly good, the first few bites and then I was upset with the taste. I think it was the sourcream-cheese-onion combo that wasn’t working for me and I wish I had gotten the Nutella one instead. All my friends liked it though and I did enjoy the first few bites, so I definitely recommend trying it!

IMG_1085IMG_1069We also visited the Parliment which had a beautiful garden.


IMG_1037I really enjoyed our trip to Budapest, it was intense and we saw a lot of things! A must see city if you are in Europe and its so affordable to there really is no excuse to skip it.

There are good trips and then there are awful ones.

Two weeks ago I finally had a chance to go to Ljubljana. I was excited to finally be able to visit the city since I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I was a bit nervous about going by myself because it’s not something I would normally do. Other people travel solo all the time so I decided to just go ahead and do it.

The trip there was great, I made friends with the guy next to me on the bus. During the whole trip there I was feeling a bit sick but I blamed it on the late night I had before and I sometimes tend to get motion sickness. I arrived to Ljubljana and waved my new found friend of since he was heading to Zagreb.


I found my hostel, made friends with a Spanish girl and who lived in my room. We decided to head out to explore the city and I was amazed at how pretty it was. We walked for a few blocks and then I got r-e-a-l-l-y thirsty. Thirsty like if I don’t get water now I will fall down and die on the street. We found a cafe and sat down and I ordered something to drink. 10 minutes later I start feeling really sick. I throw up in the bathroom and we leave. We go back to the hostel and rest a little and I feel better so I decided to go out to eat with my new found friend.

The next morning I woke up and I just throw up again and again and again and again and again and again and again. It was awful. I decide to go get a hotel room because being sick in a hostel sucks. Which was the best decision ever! It’s great having your own bathroom where you can cry and throw up in peace. I spent 3 days just throwing up and had to rebook my tickets home.

Also there was a public holiday so I couldn’t get any medicine without going to the hospital. Thinking back I should probably have gone to the hospital since I was fainting and couldn’t keep any liquids down. However I didn’t want to go because I was in a foreign country and I really didn’t want to be stuck in a waiting room for hours and throw up everywhere.

Now whenever I go anywhere I make sure to bring medicine. I bought a tiny little bag where I can keep the basic things so if I ever get this sick again while away from home it will be a bit more bearable.


Daytrip to Innsbruck, Austria

One place I have been posting about A LOT on instagram recently is Innsbruck so I thought I’d dedicate a post about our trip. It was only a daytrip and it was very convient getting to Innsbruck. From Munich you can get a flixbus for cheap, if you’re lucky you can score a oneway ticket for 8 euros. Crazy cheap! We payed around 35 euros total for our trip, including the transport from Kempten to Munich! The bus from Munich to Innsbruck took around 2,5 hours, so it was pretty quick!


Once we arrived to Innsbruck we were starving, since we went on a Sunday a lot of places were closed or crazy expensive. (OR WE WERE JUST SUPER BAD AT LOOKING!!! It’s terrible being anywhere without internet. We just had to rely on finding a place by walking around!) We found a great place though and we sat outside in the sun eating. My friends got HUGE pizzas! Just look at the picture above that my friend took! I got a pasta and it was alright but I would rather have had a pizza!

We went up a mountain in Innsbruck too. 🙋 The view was pretty nice. ✌

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After we got some food and a sunburn we decided to head up a mountain. It was a bit tricky to find our way up, you have to switch the cable car twice which we didn’t! So we had to go down and up again! The view at the top was AMAAAAAAZING!!!! If you are a student the cost is 24? euros (!!!) which we didn’t know about so we payed the full price for our tickets to go up the mountain.

📍 Innsbruck, Austria. The house on the right is super pretty! 😍

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After that we headed back down again and explored the city for a bit. There was an Easter market going on but it was really tiny. 90% of the buildings we saw were beautiful! Innsbruck was one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited! There is also a roof made out of only gold and it’s a tourist attraction. I did not see it, even though we walked past it and my friends said “look is there is the golden roof” I did not see it. So I am just going to assume it was not a great thing to see because I did not notice it while walking past it.

After that we visited 2 parks in Innsbruck. They were both super pretty! The park above is in the Stadtpark.


We also went to the Hofgarten which was a bit bigger than the Stadtpark but equally pretty. There were also a pretty cool chess game going on that my friend took a picture of.

Neuschwanstein Castle – just like a fairytale!

Saturday we had an amazing opportunity to visit the shloss Neuschwanstein with all the exchangestudents at Kempten UAS. I didn’t have that much knowledge of the castle before we went, so I was literally blown away by it. Lucky for us we had our own bus so we didn’t have to worry about getting there, I did hear it should be possible by normal bus as well bu I’m not sure about the timetables. We also didn’t have to worry about getting tickets, because they were prebooked for our group. LUCKY US!!!

The walk up to the castle took about 25 minutes and I didn’t find it very hard at all. I did hear a lot of other tourists complaining about the walk, and we passed a lot of tourist on our way up so I guess if you’re not fit it might be a bit more challenging. There are horse drawn carriages you can also take up if you feel like it!

Another pic of the Neuschwanstein castle. 🏰🌌

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We did the tour and it was absolutely  worth it, you were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. My favorites were the thrown room, the king’s bedroom and the cave! The tour took around half an hour and after the tour we decided to head towards the bridge. The bridge was also were we got the amazing shots looking towards the castle! If you have a fear of heights don’t go to the bridge. The bridge made my stomach do a cartwheel just looking down!




How to spend a winterday in Stockholm!


Stockholm is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, even during winter! Be aware that Stockholm is going to be cold during winter. Do make sure to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes, Stockholm is a great city for walking in and public transportation is pricey.


If there is one thing you can’t miss during your Stockholm visit, it’s the old town. The old town is stunning with colorful houses and picturesque allies. Make sure to see the castle while you’re there! Also check out the Nobel Museum which is situated in the old town.


Stockholm during winter means ICE SKATING!!! In Kungsträdgården there is a beautiful rink where you can skate under the lights and surrounded by cute houses. If it happens to snow it’s like taken out of a fairytale. The rink is open daily during the winter and you can even rent skates!


Make sure to make a million stops to cozy cafés to warm up from all the walking outside! Sadly most of the local cafés were packed so we opted for a Starbucks.

pexels-photo-132776.jpegLast but not least, make sure to do some shopping! Stockholm has a huge variety of shops and there is something for everyone. You’ll find everything from high end Scandinavian design to thrift shops.

Tallinn Christmas Market

I had a chance to visit the Christmas Market in Tallinn a few days ago. Tallinn is famous for having the first Christmas tree! 1441 is the year it appeared, if the legend is true…

The Christmas market was very cute, it had a lot of traditional handicrafts, candy and of course Glögg. In Tallinn Glögg contains alcohol more often than not, so make sure to check before purchasing what kind it is you’re getting. Make sure to taste the blueberry glögg, it’s a bit exotic! (But in my opinion the normal one is better!)

The market has a lot of cool performances on the stage. If that’s something you think you would enjoy make sure to check before what time the performances are.

I absolutely recommend the market if you happen to be in Tallinn during Christmas! It’s a great experience and gives a good look into Estonias culture and crafts.



A long, long day.

Hello everyone! This morning we got up at 5:30 am and started driving towards Helsinki’s harbor where we took the boat over to Tallinn, Estonia! I have to admit I was a bit shocked about the boat, I haven’t been on many cruises but this one would have to be the worst one  yet. Luckily it only took us 2 hours to get from Helsinki to Tallinn, so it didn’t matter that the ride over sucked!

So far we’ve had time to dine out twice, visit the old town twice and go shopping twice! I’m exhausted and I was thrilled to be able to take a bath and drink some hot chocolate when I got back to the hotel!

coffee-cup-bed-bedroom.jpegStock photo.

Tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day, we’ll be hitting the gym in the early morning before getting some breakfast and heading to the Christmas market! Hopefully we’ll have time to go to the old town for a third time before the boat leaves for Helsinki in the evening.