Happy Friday

Today has been an awesome day for me!

I got some help from my international coordinator with my application forms for my exchange this spring! I’m so excited and so far I have been accepted for the Erasmus scholarship and I’ll be nominated in a few days by my school. All in all it’s a pretty much “done deal” and I have tons of paperwork to fill out this fall.

I finally finished my online courses for my job!! I still have 2 doctor appointments and I’m waiting for a certificate from Trafi. After that I’ll pretty much be ready to start working and I’m super excited for that too!  I’ve been spending the last … MONTH!?!?!?!? just calling around and trying to figure everything out. I’m happy there are rules and regulations but at this point it’s just a lot of waiting and I’m getting restless.

My school is a bit different from the traditional colleges, we work with the concept “team learning” and my class run our own cooperative. We get almost all our knowledge from projects and one project I’m working on with a few others is to arrange a trip. Next week we’ll book the trip and I’m so excited. The plan right now is a few days in Gdansk, Poland! So far the feedback has been good and it looks like this is happening, of course nothing is 100% sure until it’s booked but that won’t stop me from being happy!

This weekend I’ll be doing schoolwork and it feels pretty good, I’m a bit behind so I’ll sleep better once I’m all caught up! =)


I hope everyone else had a great Friday, because I sure did!