Pleasantly surprised by Gdansk

Gdansk was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!! I have to admit I didn’t have too high hopes about the city and I really don’t know why. I think it’s because I just don’t see myself going to Poland because I barely know anything about Poland! Which is awful, there is really no excuse for being ignorant about the world around me and it’s something I try to work on every single day of my life.

Back to Gdansk, Gdansk was huge! It’s almost the same size as Helsinki!! The houses were stunning in the old town. All of them were colorful and had a special kind of architecture. Gdansk was also cheap (compared to Finland!), the food was tasty and the people we came in contact with were friendly.

I have 2 things to complain about though.

I couldn’t find any fresh milk to put in my coffee, not sure if I looked in the wrong places or if milk just isn’t a thing in Poland? I was offered some powdered milk though, not really the same as fresh milk.

We also had a terrible experience at a restaurant on our last night eating out. I have worked as a waitress and most of my friends have similar experiences so we really knew how much the restaurant was in the wrong. We decided to be nice and tip the waiter anyway, because we had literally been in his shoes. But he proceeded to yell at us because he thought he deserved more than the 10% tip we gave him. By then we all just decided to leave and conclude it being the worst restaurant experience any of us had ever had.