Daytrip to Innsbruck, Austria

One place I have been posting about A LOT on instagram recently is Innsbruck so I thought I’d dedicate a post about our trip. It was only a daytrip and it was very convient getting to Innsbruck. From Munich you can get a flixbus for cheap, if you’re lucky you can score a oneway ticket for 8 euros. Crazy cheap! We payed around 35 euros total for our trip, including the transport from Kempten to Munich! The bus from Munich to Innsbruck took around 2,5 hours, so it was pretty quick!


Once we arrived to Innsbruck we were starving, since we went on a Sunday a lot of places were closed or crazy expensive. (OR WE WERE JUST SUPER BAD AT LOOKING!!! It’s terrible being anywhere without internet. We just had to rely on finding a place by walking around!) We found a great place though and we sat outside in the sun eating. My friends got HUGE pizzas! Just look at the picture above that my friend took! I got a pasta and it was alright but I would rather have had a pizza!

We went up a mountain in Innsbruck too. 🙋 The view was pretty nice. ✌

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After we got some food and a sunburn we decided to head up a mountain. It was a bit tricky to find our way up, you have to switch the cable car twice which we didn’t! So we had to go down and up again! The view at the top was AMAAAAAAZING!!!! If you are a student the cost is 24? euros (!!!) which we didn’t know about so we payed the full price for our tickets to go up the mountain.

📍 Innsbruck, Austria. The house on the right is super pretty! 😍

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After that we headed back down again and explored the city for a bit. There was an Easter market going on but it was really tiny. 90% of the buildings we saw were beautiful! Innsbruck was one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited! There is also a roof made out of only gold and it’s a tourist attraction. I did not see it, even though we walked past it and my friends said “look is there is the golden roof” I did not see it. So I am just going to assume it was not a great thing to see because I did not notice it while walking past it.

After that we visited 2 parks in Innsbruck. They were both super pretty! The park above is in the Stadtpark.


We also went to the Hofgarten which was a bit bigger than the Stadtpark but equally pretty. There were also a pretty cool chess game going on that my friend took a picture of.