Long time no see

Hey guys! I am home from my exchange in Germany and I have so many things I want to blog about! Especially all the amazing trips I’ve been on. Two things have stopped me from doing this though, the first one being the absolute worst internet in the world. It has been impossible to upload pictures here, just updating my instagram has been a PAIN and engaging on other peoples posts has been a struggle.

The other reason I haven’t been able to be active is because someone broke into my dormroom and stole my laptop (and a bunch of other things like my wallet with all my creditcards and ids….). Yup! That was a lovely surprise and it really ruined my german experience, that wasn’t that great from before either.

I am back in Finland now trying to fix this disaster. I am most upset about my bachelor thesis that was on the computer. Oh well, you live and you learn and I definetly learned to backup my things more often…

I do bring some good things from my exchange, like my 3 best friends! Although they all went home to France and Korea so I didn’t bring them with me… just the memories. 😉

Finland, I love you!

I’m back from France and there is always something special about coming home. I had a blast and I loved France, although it was a bit challenging at times with my lacking knowledge of French.

It always amazes me how different other countries and cultures are and there is always some culture shocks. For me it was the notebooks, coffee and not being allowed to pay with my card everywhere! 

The coffee at my friend’s house was actually Italian, made using a macchinetta. It tasted pretty much like the coffee I drink at home, so once I learned how to brew with the macchinetta I was fine!

I’m spoiled and used to being able to pay everywhere with my card. I found of the hard way that in France you often had to have a total of 5-10€ before they would accept a card transaction.


This is what a typical notebook in France looks like, notice all the extra lines!

But all in all, such a fun trip and I’ll probably share more about it in the future. France is a fantastic country, and also the country that has the most incoming tourists in the world and  I can definitely see why!


Marseille, I’m coming for you!

I’m so excited for my trip to Marseille. I’m going to be visiting a friend who lives there and I’m so grateful I can stay at her place. It’s a challenge trying to travel while being a student and on a budget. I’m a firm believer that experience and memories are more valuable than anything money can buy!

Later today I may or may not book another trip this fall, but more about that later! 😉


I got this cute case a few days ago! ^ I can keep all my important papers, passport, pens etc inside it while I’m on the go.